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Platinum Procyon Citron Yellow

Platinum Procyon Citron Yellow

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The Procyon fountain pen.

The name “Procyon” is originated from the constellation of Canis Minor.
The “Slip & Seal Mechanism” that provides a smooth writing experience at any time. Allows the writer to get back on paper straight away without any dryness of its nib.
The body made with aluminum that offers the best weight balance and the pentagon-shaped pen nib stimulate the pleasure of writing, while the special coating that blends in well with the skin color as well as the lineup of vivid colors stimulate the pleasure of owning the pen.


  1. Equipped with the Slip & Seal Mechanism that offers a smooth writing experience at any time.
  2. Equipped with a newly-designed feeder fo easier ink absorption. There is no need to dip the pen up to its gripping section into the ink when drawing ink using a converter.
  3. The pentagon-shaped large nib that offers a superb resiliency and flexibility.
  4. Aluminum body that offers the best weight balance.
  5. Special coating colors that stimulate the pleasure of owning the pen.

Box: The exclusive box contains Blue-Black ink cartridge, instruction manual and Mixable ink cartridges (three specially-blended colors).

Barrel color: #3 Porcelain white, #25 Persimmon orange, #50 Deep sea, #52 Turquoise blue, #68 Citron yellow

Specifications: Barrel, cap, crown: Coating on aluminum. Grip: AS resin. Grip ring, gold ring, body screw: Chrome plating on brass. Clip: Chrome plating on iron

Pen nib: Stainless Steel

Size: 139.7 mm (full length) × 14.4mm (max. diameter). Average weight 23.3g

Refill: Cartridge ink: SPSQ-400, SPN-100A, SPC-200, SPG-500

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