We now offer two variants for texturazing a nib surface: 

1.Brushing makes the surface matt with tiny longitudinal scratches.

2.Sandblasting is a process to make a surface matt and texturized.

It consists in throwing  micro particules, we use glass balls, througout a pen with pressurized air.

We offer this customization  for both steel nibs and gold ones. It is done before plating and engraving. We offer sandblasting the whole nib or partial nib, that means that part of the nib, normally the tines, will keep the shiny looking and the rest will be matt.

This technic increases a bit the nib stifness. 

Here are some samples:

Fountian pen nib sand blasting texturized 

Partial sandblasted nib FPnibs

Whole sandblasted nib FPnibs