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Pilot Parallel Pen Orange, 2.4mm

Pilot Parallel Pen Orange, 2.4mm

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Pilot Parallel Pen. Fountain pen.

The art of calligraphy available to all! The Parallel Pen is the first fountain pen that allows thick and thin strokes to be created in complete simplicity.

The larger the size, the more dramatic the writing.

The Parallel Pen comes with two cartridges. One black and one red colors.

Pen with cap.

Refillable with specific Parallel Pen cartridges.

Elegant and writing comfort thanks to a hyper-resitant steel nib.

Four nib sizes are availables:

Red. Writing width : 1.5mm Stroke width Fine (0.5mm to 1.3mm)

Orange. Writing width : 2.4mm Stroke width Medium (0.5mm to 2.2mm)

Green. Writing width : 3.8mm Stroke width Broad (0.5mm to 3.6mm)

Blue. Writing width : 6.0mm Stroke width Extra Broad (0.5mm to 5.7mm)

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