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Pilot Falcon Black Rhodium

Pilot Falcon Black Rhodium

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Pilot Falcon black/rhodium fountain pen. SOFT MEDIUM.

The Pilot Falcon is an iconic pen in the fountain pen world. It's most famous for its 14k rhodium-plated soft nib - an extraordinary softness - which provides line variation when you change your writing pressure.

The Falcon fountain pen delivers ink in a smooth and controlled manner guaranteeing a pleasurable writing experience with every stroke.

Though if you do want to showcase line variation, all you need to do is increase your writing pressure on the downstrokes and it's there for when you need it. Pilot doesn't advertise this as a "flex" pen, though it has that reputation in the fountain pen community. It most certainly provides distinct line variation, though you can overdo it, so just be cognizant of how far you're pushing it when you flex the nib tines.

This solid black fountain pen has 14k rhodium trim and fills via cartridge or converter. Includes a Con-70 converter.

The Falcon pen is packaged in an elegant Pilot gift box.

Measures: 136mm (closed), 150 (posted), 12mm (diameter body)

Weight: 19g

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