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Kaweco Collection Sport Toyama 2023

Kaweco Collection Sport Toyama 2023

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Kaweco Collection Sport fountain pen

Limited Edition.

Kaweco Sport Collectors Edition fountain pen. 

A small series of Kaweco Sport fountain pens has been released called the "Toyama Collectors Edition" is dedicated to loyal Kaweco fans.

The barrel is blindly engraved with the Kaweco logo and the text: 'Kaweco Collection', the pen also has silver accents. Depending on the light, the pearl green pigments sparkle with varying degrees of intensity. 

When the pen is closed, it can easily be carried in the pocket, with the cap on the back of the barrel, the pen lies well in the hand. Closed the pen is just 105mm long, and 130mm when posted.

Available in the nib sizes EF / F / M / B / BB

The fountain pen has a steel nib. Includes a Kaweco sport chrome octagonal clip.

The Kaweco Sport can be filled with the small standard cartridges (royal blue ink cartridge included) or with a small squeeze converter or slide converter (not included).

Collector's Edition it comes in matching color cardboard box that is reminiscent of the shimmering waves of water.

* Products from the Kaweco Collection are available for one year in the Kaweco standard range.

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