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Parker IM Achromaric Grey BT

Parker IM Achromaric Grey BT

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Parker IM fountain pen.

An ideal partner with unlimited potential, Parker IM is all at once smart, polished and established. With a durable stainless steel nib and finishes that echo the Parker legacy, every detail is refined to deliver a writing experience that is always dependable.


  • Parker IM Matt Grey Trim
  • Smart, polished and established designs meet a modern, tapered silhouette
  • Matte Grey lacquer complemented with chrome finish trims.
  • Durable stainless steel fine nib delivers a writing experience that is both reliable and personal
  • A comfortable and ergonomic shape is paired with superior PARKER craftsmanship to evoke the brand’s rich heritage
  • The fountain pen is presented in a PARKER gift box with a long blue QUINK ink cartridge
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